2. we are all witches

why do i do the things i do
how can these two things at once be true —
1. i’m a sad twenty-something man
2. we are all witches

a typical sad twenty-something man
calloused but my hands haven’t worked the land
not yet decrepit but historically vapid
last seen online simply yearning to feel man seeking tryst

i feel that we truly are all witches
potion calls for three (3) beheaded finches
one (1) ring finger of one (1) sad twenty-something man
twelve (12) rose thorns ground pepper (to taste) one (1) wish

to taste the flavor of a sad twenty-something man
gather beard trimmings beer cans infrequently held hands
drop a read receipt read 1:55 pm chaos ensues
go ahead and ask him do you believe in god do you like to fish

false rumors suggest witch huts smell like fresh never frozen fish
the scent is more akin to a recently doused witch hunt fire pit
damp smoke charred earth charred meat morning dew
direct message: your love potion’s been finished by a witch

finish what the witch in you started fortify bolster enliven get magically festooned
one (1) user’s session lasted 7 min. ended at 4:19 pm then (s)he left on his or her broom
there’s a line between being lonely being a witch and yearning to feel it’s trite but it’s blurred
this love potion will fix everything don’t be a bitch it’s made with real bird

open your gullet ready your gizzard tip back your hastily trimmed chin sad twenty-something man
this love potion will fix everything you lost a finger for it embrace that fucked up infrequently held hand
blur needs with wishes learn to catch fishes and heed your witches bottoms up what’s good where’s god dude
there’s no wifi in this hut eleven (11) crushed cans witch hunt: complete no read receipt set status to away why do i do the things i do

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